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Who knows exactly how to make someone faint with a pressure point?

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I don't mean when you guys play a game of american dream or something like that I mean when there is a fight how can I make someone faint with just a strike to a nerve/pressure point? Is there any links to HOW TO videos of these technuiqes thanksss
asked Mar 13, 2013 in Martial Arts by alrsigoy (120 points)

3 Answers

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There are 2 ways I know, both can be dangerous, and would not recommend. But in both situations, hyperventilation is recommended before hand, to ensure that there is plenty of oxygen in the blood.

I would list them here, but feel I do not want to be responsible for copy-cat death, or permanent injury / brain damage for a 'gimmick/trick'.
answered Mar 15, 2013 by nicsoliwe (140 points)
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I'm sorry, but nobody, who actually knows anything substantial in this area, is going to put information out on the internet. There is no control over who has access. Besides, this stuff is so precise that you need a live instructor. Timing, not just location, can be a factor.
answered Mar 17, 2013 by robsinaes (140 points)
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My son knows how.

Study martial arts, and you may find out how to.
answered Mar 18, 2013 by amiswe (140 points)